Tom Holschuh

Tom Holschuh is the Manager of the Communications Technology Research Department, which conducts research and development in the areas of dynamic spectrum sharing, software defined radio (SDR) technology, low power and spread spectrum radio frequency (RF) communications, operates the wireless testbed and conducts testing on 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G Cellular communications, as well as overseeing Energy Sector Secure communications. He joined Idaho National Laboratory in Nov 2018 after 35 years working for DOD. 21 years in the US Army (Military Intelligence and Special Forces), and 14 years as a DOD civilian.  He was a Deputy Program Manager at the OSD AT&L National Assessment Group (9 years), conducting assessments of capabilities to be fielded to the Special Operations community, ranging from tactical radios and special communications devices to small vessels and UAVs.  Prior to joining INL, he was the Deputy Director for Communications/Chief Information Officer (J6), Special Operations Command Europe.

Tom Holschuh


Communications Technology Research Department 

Idaho National Laboratory

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