CMSgt (R.) Ryan Starkey

An esteemed leader and highly decorated United States Air Force Chief Master Sergeant (Ret), Ryan Starkey is a highly experienced senior leader with a vast background in communications, management, and information technology. With twenty-four years of decorated military service, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Southern Nazarene University in 2006. Throughout his illustrious 24-year military career, Chief Master Sergeant (Ret) Starkey provided strategic plans, collaboration, technical, and communications support to senior leaders at the highest levels of the United States government. He stands as a Subject Matter Expert in Satellite and Aerial Layer Communications. His aviation prowess is underscored by over 5,000 flying hours and 100 combat sorties on various airframes, including C-32A, C-40B, C-37, E-8C, and E-3A/B/C. Notably, Retired Chief Master Sergeant Starkey served as the Chief Communicator for Executive Airlift and subject matter expert on Air Force support of the Senior Leader Command Control Communications System – Airborne (SLC3S-A) program. Since retiring from the military, Chief Master Sergeant Ryan Starkey has transitioned seamlessly into the civilian sector, taking on the role of Senior Director for Strategy at Satcom Direct Government. In this capacity, he continues to leverage his extensive experience, contributing to the development and execution of strategic initiatives for the company. He excels in market research and analysis, focusing on identifying and addressing communication gaps for government and military customers. He is known for developing innovative strategies for technology employment, integrating cutting-edge solutions and partner technologies to deliver new offerings that align with the evolving needs of the military and government sectors. Chief Master Sergeant (Ret) Ryan Starkey’s remarkable achievements, dedication to mission success, and wealth of experience make him a highly sought-after leader in both military and civilian contexts. His dynamic approach, expertise, and strategic thinking continue to shape the future of technology solutions for government and military missions in his current role as Senior Director for Strategy at Satcom Direct Government.