About the FORUM

The Deployable Communications Technology Forum (DCTF) provides an intimate, constructive, and educational space where delegates from all US military service branches and federal agencies can collaborate with one another and industry to develop solutions that address urgent and mission-critical communications needs.

With an emphasis on distilling approaches to operational flexibility, security concerns, and enhanced networking capabilities across the full spectrum of deployment platforms and operational environments – including “denied” communication situations, the forum is a unique conduit for top communications organizations within the DoD and partner nations to directly engage with similar teams outside of their respective offices and leading industry technology professionals to have meaningful dialogue on the evolving challenges in the defense arena and generate solutions that directly impact mission success.

This forum directly supports the office of the Deputy SecDef’s policy on engaging with industry, encouraging in-depth technical discussions at all levels. Senior military members from the US and NATO partners gather in a central location to meet face to face with top executives from engineering companies around the world. In parallel, industry engineers and government operators participate in valuable working groups, allowing industry engineers to acquire a greater understanding of communication needs and capability gaps; facilitating industry to assess what it can provide today to fulfill those needs and what it needs to develop to address the capability gaps.

This event is organized by Warriors Ethos, an independent 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit, with critical support from leading commercial partners active in U.S. readiness and defense. Previous speakers to this forum have included retired General Keith Alexander, USA; retired General Martin Dempsey, USA; retired General John F. Mulholland, Jr., USA; retired General Stanley McChrystal, USA; the late 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter; and retired GEN (Ret.) Tony Thomas.

About Warriors Ethos

Warriors Ethos assists our members during their transition from military service by helping them identify their professional passion, prepare for the civilian marketplace, and pursue career opportunities.

Every year 250,000 service members transition from military services back into civilian life. For most, that transition is complicated, confusing, and marked by an immense pressure to find a job as quickly as possible. As a result, many Service Members struggle during and after their transition, with the effects often rippling into other areas of their lives.

At Warriors Ethos, we understand that preparation is the key to a successful transition. That’s why our program focuses on identifying career goals and aspirations as early as possible in the transition process. Concurrently, working through our network of mentors and coaches, we offer training on the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s work environment. Then, through partnerships with successful businesses, we assist our members in developing a career strategy that includes paid fellowship and employment opportunities in the careers that match their desires.

With a staff that’s 100% veteran, we believe service doesn’t stop when your military service ends. That’s why we ask our alumni to pay it forward by serving as a coach or mentor to subsequent members in the program. We know continuing that legacy of service is a great way to complete our program.

We believe that by assisting our nation’s servicemembers, veterans, and spouses from transition through employment, it has a cascading positive impact within their lives, their communities, and our country.

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“As a 23-year Army veteran with a Special Forces background, I had a very specific skill set while in the military. However, a dismounted IED blast in August 2010 changed everything by severely limiting my physical ability on which my skills depended. In my particular case, my concern wasn’t finding a job after the military, it was finding a career that I would want to do for the rest of my life. Warriors Ethos assisted me by being the vehicle through which I could explore the career options open to me, and chose a career path that I wanted, and not one I had to settle for.”

- MSG (Ret.) David Smith

Warriors Ethos (alumni)