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VMware Training

14.30 – 16.00 Monday 15 April 2019

Limited Seating (20 Persons)

This session covers an introduction to virtual networking, defined in software, and how to visualize it. VMware NSX elevates the network security and forwarding decisions to a distributed layer closest to the workloads. This enables automation, micro-segmentation, and cloud networking. Technologies introduced: NSX, Network Insight, and VeloCloud SD-WAN.

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Cisco Training –Software Defined WAN

09.00 – 12.00 Monday 15 April 2019

Limited Seating (21 Persons)

Requirements for Attendees:  Attendees should bring a laptop that is capable of connecting to the internet via wifi. This laptop should have the Cisco Anyconnect VPN client installed as well as Microsoft Remote Desktop. The attendee should also have a CCO account (Cisco Login). If attendees need to register for a CCO they can do so here:

Training will provide an overview and hands on experience configuring an SD-WAN solution with advanced routing, segmentation, and security capabilities for interconnecting complex enterprise networks from home station to the tactical edge.

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Nutanix Hands-On Training: Automating Mission-Critical Applications for Tactical Deployments

12.15 – 14.15 Monday 15 April 2019

Limited Seating (21 Persons)

Requirements for Attendees: Attendees to bring personal laptop or HTML-5 enabled device for hands-on labs.

Join us for a hands-on workshop that will show you how field operators can rapidly deploy, provision, and scale mission-critical applications in the field with one-click simplicity.

With Nutanix Calm, field-operators can harness enterprise-grade features in the theater and support the mission with application automation and lifecycle management capabilities that span multi-cloud environments. Calm builds on a proven web-scale software platform to make the entire IT infrastructure more agile and application centric.

Calm automates all aspects of how applications are created, consumed and governed, melding application-level orchestration with a cloud-driven infrastructure. Calm Blueprints provide a simple way to model all elements of each application – including VMs, related binaries, sequence of operations and configurations – everything needed to provision an application. This approach addresses both organizational and security requirements while allowing operators to rapidly deploy applications to tactical kits with little to no senior administrator involvement.

During our workshop, you’ll get access to our Proof of Concept suite and hands-on experience with the following features:

• Unified Management and governance across clouds, hypervisors, and application types
• Removing IT bottlenecks by turning specialized operations into pushbutton automation
• Automated Self-Service for users with the Nutanix Marketplace
• Orchestrating across VMs, containers, and cloud resources to build any application
• Single Language for Application Modeling with flexibility to integrate with each team’s tool of choice

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Klas Telecom Training – Tactical Radio Systems Introduction with Training on Klas Telecom Voyager EMm

12.30 – 14.15 Thursday 18 April 2019

Limited Seating (20 Persons)

Requirements for Attendees: Notebook and pen to take notes

During this training, attendees will become familiar with the Klas Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit (TRIK). The TRIK allows users the ability to extend the Voyager 8 system’s capabilities to support a range of radios without compromising on size, weight and power (SWaP). Learn why the flexibility to deliver route, switch, compute, and storage along with seamless tactical radio integration makes Voyager 8 the deployable networking system of choice.

We are also proud to introduce the next generation in Radio over IP (RoIP) tactical communication modules. Fueled by Cistech Solutions technology, the VoyagerEMm is an integrated Radio over IP (RoIP) system with interfaces for radio, Ethernet and handset audio. Learn how to integrate the VoyagerEMm into your existing tactical network.

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Haivision Training – Streaming Video Considerations for Deployable ISR Applications

14.15 – 16.15 Thursday 18 April 2019

Requirements for Attendees: None.

In order to properly construct, manage and diagnose end-to-end full-motion video (FMV) streaming applications, it is important to understand the various components that comprise video contribution, video distribution, and video consumption workflows. Moreover, video can be better optimized for processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) with careful planning and knowledge of how various components interact and affect video stream quality, latency and bitrate. This training course will educate users on video compression fundamentals, the proper way to configure Haivision video encoding and transcoding systems, and deployment options to meet specific mission requirements.

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Forum delegates can attended a number of hardware and software technology trainings that prepare them for various professional certifications. Trainings are in addition to the regular agenda, but come at no extra cost. They are offered prior to commencement of the official program and in the afternoon of the last day of the forum. Depending on the agency, training hours may qualify for continuing eduction (CE) credits.

NOTE: Please book your travel accordingly. Sign ups will be sent out to the registered list of delegates at a later date. 

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